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EC Mapping

Agronomic Solutions utilizes Veris® Technologies Soil EC mapping systems to identify soil zones. This one time investment is a powerful tool that can impact many  phases of crop production. The EC mapping information can be used in both Smart Zones™ and Smart Grid™ services also offered by Agronomic Solutions.

Veris Data

  • Measures  electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil
  • Defines soil types more precisely
  • Provides shallow (0-18 inches) and deep (19-36 inches) readings
  • The ability to investigate multiple depths often reveals 
  • important subsurface differences
  • Soil EC correlates well with soil texture and CEC maps
  • Soils don’t change on lines; EC captures soil transitions 
  • Veris EC data uses GPS technology to record the precise locations of soil changes
  • The zones identified are consistent over time so an EC map represents a one-time investment
  • Veris EC data may be used in the Smart Zone sampling program in place of digital soil type data
  • Veris EC data can also be utilized in Smart Grid program for better point placement
  • Veris EC data is collected at least one season before sampling takes place
  • Veris EC data may correlate with yield maps, if soil properties alone are the main driver of yield
  • Veris EC data collection is the perfect solution to identify soil changes on land that has been flooded, terraced or had other means of physical soil movement