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GIS Processing Services



Soil Test Maps/Recommendations

All of our soil sampling and consulting programs include a full set of soil test maps and fertilizer recommendations. Our typical set of maps include: boundary with aerial photo, soil types & CSR rating, zone id or grid site map, ph, OM or CEC, K Potassium, P Phosphorus, Lime Rx, K Rx, and P Rx.





Yield Data Processing / Multiple Year Yield Analysis

Yield maps can be displayed using the points that the monitor logged in the field or surfaced where the points are interpolated to one another. We also look at yield in relationship to soil type, hybrid and soil test. What affect does soil fertility have on yield? What is the average yield per soil type and hybrid? Let us help you find out what hybrids out-yield others in a particular year. We can also normalize several years of yield data to show areas of a field that are high versus low yielding and areas that vary from year to year. From a normalized yield map we can create a zone sampling map, variable rate planting rec, nitrogen rec or any other input that can be varied across the field.




As-Planted Hybrid Maps

Our As-Planted hybrid maps show splits of different hybrids in the same field. This is the key to finding out what hybrids do better on which farms. When combined with yield data processing we produce a map of the hybrids and average yield per hybrid in each field.






Soil Type Maps

Many times people are just interested in the soil types that make up a farm or field.  This occurs when someone is looking into buying a piece of ground or wants an idea of how well the soil produces, indicated by the CSR (Corn Suitability Rating). We can digitize a farm or field boundary and clip the soil types to that boundary. This will show what percent and number of acres each soil type has in a farm. We add the CSR’s and Soil names to the map and show the different soil types by color.


Variable Rate Recommendations (N-P-K)

Fertilizer costs will always remain a large percent of input costs. Growers need to use their fertilizer dollars wisely. Agronomic Solutions works closely with retailers and growers on making recommendations that work for each field and each grower’s budget.  We understand that some fields may require specialized recommendations due to varying productivity or crop rotation.