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Smart Grid Program

The Smart Grid™ soil sampling program provides increased accuracy by utilizing soil types or EC data to determine better placement of soil test sites within a field. By increasing soil test accuracy, we increase value. 


Increasing Accuracy. Increasing Value.

  • Smart Grid is a soil sampling method based on grids and soil types or Veris® EC dataSmart Grid image
  • Soil types or Veris data are used to determine point location, choosing the most predominant soil type within the grid
  • Smart Grid points are placed away from soil type transition lines for better accuracy
  • Smart Grid sampling assures that nearly all soil types in the field are represented at least once
  • Smart Grid recommended size 2.5 acre or 4.4 acre grid
  • Smart Grid sampling decreases the chance of mixing soil types that have different properties such as a low pH soil mixing with a high pH soil which would result in a neutral pH soil test
  • The Smart Grid program increases the value of soil testing while at the same time providing a method of sampling that is still recognized as the industry standard

Veris Grid image