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Smart Zone Program

Bringing farmers the most valuable soil sampling program available, Smart Zones™ goes beyond gridSmart Zone logo and soil type sampling by gathering data including:

  • historic yields,
  • elevation,
  • and electrical conductivity (Veris® Technologies data)

Smart Zones provides your customers with more accurate and highly detailed information for better farm management.

Connecting Pieces of the Spatial Puzzle

  • GPS boundaries including terraces, waterways, and internal features are driven at least one season in advance of sampling time
  • Pertinent field management history is collected including soil types, crop lines, and manure applications
  • Historical yield/elevation data is collected with 4 to10 years recommended
  • Electrical Conductivity (Veris® Technologies) data is collected one season in advance. Veris® Technologies data can be utilized in place of digital soil types (optional)
  • Aerial imagery may be utlilized to verify soil changes
  • Sampling zones of 5 to 6 acres in size are created
  • Customer may preview the zones before any sampling is done
  • After sampling is complete, we work with the retailer to customize variable rate recommendations based on layered field results. Lime, fertilizer, seed, and nitrogen are most common
  • Check areas can be inserted in variable prescriptions to adjust rates according to yield responses. This analytical work will be done with current yield data following the fall harvest. Adjustments are made for the coming growing season
  • All recommendations are built to increase profitability and efficiency for both retailer and grower

Recommending The Right Fit


  • Smart Zones provides another service product that will help produce profit which adds to the bottom line of the retail business.
  • Smart Zones takes the retailer to a new knowledge level of spatial performance of customers fields thereby providing better service.
  • Agronomic Solutions provides the expertise to perform the high volume data processing so retailer can spend more time with the farmer making the high end decisions.


Putting It All Together For Your Customer

  • The Smart Zone program allows the retailer to grow customer relationships, offsetting price issues.
  • Farming is becoming more complex and more data driven. Agronomic Solutions can bridge the gap between collecting and interpreting the data for maximum use.
  • Ultimately customers learn more about their fields’ productivity trends.
  • Smart Zones provide knowledge and spatial definition to the extreme.

Providing Solutions For Your Business

  • The Smart Zone program provides an extremely intricate soil sampling method by collecting several cores from a small area that have the same soil properties and yield productivity which make the soil samples as accurate as currently possible.
  • Agronomic Solutions will carefully utilize the data in a manner that best represents each field. We realize the ‘cookie-cutter’ method does not work when spatially defining Smart Zones.
  • Our customized approach is what sets Agronomic Solutions and Smart Zones apart from other sampling programs.